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Laughter Leads Greg to a Life He Loves

Wish kid Greg

“ ... he realized he could use his wish to shape his future. ”

Greg was the kind of kid who kept laughing – even when osteosarcoma took away nearly everything he loved in life.

Ask him about his days fighting to survive, and he’ll have four words for you: “Hooked up to tubes.” His condition forced him to stop playing baseball, hockey and golf. But there was no way it could steal his love of comedy. “Comedy is part of my life,” Greg, now 27, says. He had passed the time watching movies while he was sick. “They got me out of myself,” he says. He kept coming back to the comedies that made him laugh and lifted his spirits.

Greg’s Sees His Future in a Wish

A social worker at Georgetown University was the first person to mention Make-A-Wish. Greg’s reflexive thought: “No, no. That’s for dying kids.” But once he learned more about the Make-A-Wish mission, he realized he could “use his wish to shape his future.” He had been thinking about going to college, studying for his SAT tests. I want to meet the directors of my favorite comedies, he decided. “I was intrigued by creativity,” Greg says, “and I knew movies were a hard business to break into.” He hoped that a meeting would give insights as whether or not the filmmaking business appealed to him. Within the year, Greg met the two directors who made him laugh the most. He spent three days on a movie set, played a small role in a scene that needed a prom king, and attended the film’s wrap party. That autumn, Greg left home to attend college in North Carolina, where he studied film production and business. After college, he returned to Virginia and worked on film projects that visited the state and assisted with local television productions. Throughout it all, Greg remained in contact with one of the directors, who offered encouragement to continue learning through his filmmaking experiences.

Taking a Step West

After two years of work on productions in Virginia, Greg headed to the heart of movie making. Hollywood. Greg started in the mailroom of a leading Hollywood talent agency. Today, he works with directors and producers to discuss film production plans for major studios. He laughs and describes his day as being on the phone from 9 am to 7 pm, but admits that he loves every moment. “Live life to the fullest,” Greg says. “I envision the different stages of my life and live them to the fullest potential.”

I envision the different stages of my life and live them to the fullest potential. ”

— Greg

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