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Baltimore Ravens: Stay Strong, Sherman

Sherman wished to meet the Baltimore Ravens

“ Sherman feels his strength and willpower soar. ”

Fans call it The Castle. It’s where the Baltimore Ravens train and strategize. Few people ever get to go inside – and most of them are staff members focused on a Sunday victory.

But today, everyone at The Castles is ready to welcome superfan Sherman. His limo pulls up and the tour is on. For the next few hours, he and his family have unprecedented access: meeting the players, stockpiling souvenirs, pitching in during practice drills and more. Sherman wished to meet the Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens know Sherman will live with the effects of his life-threatening genetic condition all his life. And they offer something even more important than memorabilia – they give him encouragement. Stay strong, Sherman. We’re behind you.

With every high five, hug or word of kindness, Sherman feels his strength and willpower soar. His idols made time for him. And he’ll do his part to stay positive for them.

Days later, the Ravens welcome Sherman again. It’s game time. He’s in the tunnel with the players before the action. When the game kicks off, he watches from some of the best seats in the stadium.

For Sherman and his family, the experience is more than fun. It’s even more than an escape from their challenges. It’s a reminder that great things can happen – and a reason to believe the future will have its moments of happiness

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