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Eric stands alongside Tom Brady

Eric meets Tom Brady

“ It’s this dash of hope that makes such an everlasting impact on wish kids like him. ”

In moments of struggle and hardship, most of us try to rise above by imagining what our heroes would do or say in times. For some, these heroes are family members, religious entities, or comic book characters – for others, like Eric, strength and courage exist in the famous athletes we usually only see on the big screen.

Searching for strength in dealing with his condition, 18-year-old Eric wished to meet New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. With the help of Make-A-Wish® volunteers and sponsors, Eric was soon a world away from the worries of his treatments while riding in a limousine to Massachusetts to meet his hero.

As he stands alongside Brady, Eric’s joy is undeniable. Here is the guy Eric watched on television winning Super Bowls. He exudes strength, power, confidence. If he can stand near Tom Brady, who is ever-willing and excited to meet him, too, Eric can do anything, even endure his treatments. It’s this dash of hope that makes such an everlasting impact on wish kids like him.

After meeting Brady, Eric watches him in action as the Patriots beat the Dallas Cowboys 20-16 at Gillette Stadium. But Eric’s experience continues. Eric and his family stay at the Courtyard by Marriot Boston Raynham while they connect with other wish families for lunch at CBS Scene restaurant. Eric is one of seven wish kids who meet Patriots players that day. A visit to the Patriots Hall of Fame completes his Make-A-Wish experience.

New England Patriot’s Tom Brady is known for his Cinderella story starting out as a sixth-round draft choice and seventh-string quarterback to finally taking his team to three Super Bowl Championships –with a potential fourth this February. To those of you who aren’t football fans this simply means Brady beat the odds, a great inspiration for wish kids who struggle to do the same.

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