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Sakina Enjoys Her Princess-Themed Birthday Party

Sakina with her family

“ The look on Sakina's face when she entered the castle was one we will never ever forget. ”

- Fatma, Sakina’s mom

Thanks for
making wishes
like this possible! Subaru

Sakina has had it tough – a major part being that she often can’t keep up with her friends due to her medical condition. But birthday parties are the worst.

Sakina has spinal muscular atrophy, which means she uses a wheelchair.

“Every time I go to my friends' houses, they don't have games I can play because they're walking games and I can't walk,” Sakina says. So when asked what her true wish was, the answer was simple. She wanted to have her own birthday party that would not only make her feel like a princess… but no different than all of the other kids.

The highlight of the wish was when Sakina caught sight of the castle where her birthday party would take place. Every moment of Sakina’s party will be treasured for years to come.

Sakina’s family reveal the experience and pure joy of that day:

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making Sakina's wish come true on Saturday. The efforts that were put in from your entire team in such a short period of time made this event possible. The look on Sakina's face when she entered the castle was one we will never ever forget. Afsar and I could not believe all the little details that made everything come together. Every staff member and volunteer that was there on Saturday were so caring and considerate.

When we look back at Sakina's birthday party, I have to hold back tears because it was truly a wish which came true for Sakina. The evening was such a blur for us because there was so much for everyone to do and everyone had a great time. Even the adults were saying that they had the time of their lives. All of our friends and family had the nicest things to say about Make-A-Wish and were truly honored to be a part of her wish.

She has never asked us for anything, and when she made a wish to have her birthday party in a castle, we were not sure how we were going to make it possible. Make-A-Wish was truly a blessing for us and made our little princess's wish come true, and in some way, made our wish to see our daughter smile come true as well.

We could have never been able to put a party together like you and pray that you may continue to bring joy to those in need for many years to come.



Afsar, Fatma, Sakina, and Zamin

  • Sakina is ready to blow the candles out.

  • The room is decorated and ready for Sakina’s birthday party.

  • All smiles!

  • Having fun!

  • Sakina and her family arrive.

  • The crowd gathers for the blowing of the candles.

  • A little gift for the birthday girl.

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