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Paige Gets A Puppy From Santa

Paige wished to have a pug puppy PHOTO: Jeff Shewmon

“ A puppy to love can make all the difference. ”

Hospital visits, even with family around for support, can be a lonely experience for a child. So whenever Paige had to spend time at the doctor or getting treatments, she made sure to bring along her stuffed pug, Puggy.

Paige is only in kindergarten but faces the possibility of organ failure every day of her life. She has a rare disease that causes swelling and affects her kidneys, skin, nerves and lungs. The swelling injures Paige’s blood vessels. 

Because of this, Paige must go through various treatments, such as chemotherapy and shots. Puggy goes through all of the difficult experiences and medications with her.

Inspired by her love for Puggy and all of the comfort he brought her, Paige decided that for her wish she wanted to have a real puppy to keep her company.

On the day of her wish, Santa and Make-A-Wish volunteers visited Paige with her new friend in tow – Cooper the pug puppy.

Santa told Paige, “I got your letter, and you said you wanted a pug puppy, so look what I found: Cooper, a little puppy for you.”

Having Santa personally deliver her wish was a special moment for Paige.

“I don’t always deliver puppies to little children,” Santa said. “But this was a special wish, and I was very happy to bring this puppy to you.”

During the wish, Paige met Cooper and got to cuddle and play with him. She took pictures with Santa and Cooper and then joined her new puppy in his living space. They rested together, Cooper taking the floor and Paige curling up in his doggie bed. 

Even with all of the excitement, Paige hadn’t forgotten the love that Puggy gave her. She showed him off while she got know a new friend who would bring happiness into her life. 
  • Paige cuddles with her new best friend
    PHOTO: Jeff Shewmon

  • A little puppy to keep Paige company
    PHOTO: Jeff Shewmon

  • Santa introduces Paige to Cooper the pug
    PHOTO: Jeff Shewmon

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