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Wish Kids and Their Dads

A collection of wish stories for Father's Day

“ Wish stories with dads for Father's Day. ”

Hailey wished to go to a dude ranch.

Hailey, 4
I wish to be a cowgirl

Hailey celebrated her love for horses by traveling to a dude ranch and learning about a cowgirl's way of life. 

Hailey's dad talked about the spring day in 2012 that led to his daughter's diagnosis. "She woke up not feeling well," he recalled. "She became dizzy and was not making a lot of sense." 

After rushing to the emergency room, Hailey was airlifted to a hospital 67 miles away. "It was one of the scariest days of my life," her dad said. Hailey was in treatment for almost 10 months. She was limited to family visits and could not go anywhere that could compromise her health.  

When her Make-A-Wish® wish-granting team met up with the Hailey, she told them about her wish to be a cowgirl, to ride horses and experience other outdoor dreams.

Hailey had a fun-filled week with her dad. They explored the trails on horseback and spent their evenings around the campfire, enjoying the singing and dancing of cowboys and cowgirls, and sleeping under the stars.

Jason wished to travel to Hong Kong like his dad.Jason, 6
cardiac condition
I wish to be like my dad

Jason was diagnosed with a cardiac condition at birth and had numerous corrective surgeries before the age of 5. A routine visit to his cardiologist in 2011, two days before Christmas, revealed a complication ‒ a blood clot in Jason's pulmonary artery.  Like all kids with a life-threatening medical condition, Jason was eligible for a Make-A-Wish experience.

When Make-A-Wish volunteers visited and asked him to consider a wish, his answer was unexpected. Jason's wish was to be like his dad.

"That's the best compliment of my life," his father said. "It must be a generational thing, as I wanted to be like my father."

Jason's dad frequently traveled to China on business and Jason said he wanted to travel there, too, just like his dad. Jason’s wish took his family on an overseas trip to see the sites of the mainland and Hong Kong. 
"This experience gave us a chance to forget about our 'new normal' situation, and brought a smile to all of our faces," Jason's mom added. "It brought us closer as a family."

Jason's dad agreed. "Jason's diagnosis and journey have been a life-changing experience for our whole family," he said. "Going through the Make-A-Wish experience makes me want to be a better man and be a better example, not only for my family but for everyone."

Nicolas wished for a wheelchair accessible motorcycle sidecar.Nicolas, 16
Duchenne muscular dystrophy
I wish to have a sidecar for my dad's motorcycle

The day Nicolas was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, his dad remembers how his own life switched immediately to a new focus. "I have to be there for him," Nicolas' dad said.

Nicolas and his family figured out ways to add a wheelchair into their lives, but there was something he missed ‒ the feel of riding a motorcycle. So he wished for a sidecar that could secure his wheelchair.
"I wanted this wish because I thought it could be a big family thing and I could hang out with my father more," Nicolas explains, "All three of us, it'd be like one big happy family."  

Life changed for the entire family with the generosity of donors, volunteers and the innovation of a local sidecar shop that built a sidecar to safely carry Nicolas' wheelchair on his father's motorcycle.

With his newly restored freedom to ride, Nicolas is more upbeat than ever. Watch Nicolas ride.

Peter wished to visit Greece.Peter, 16
truncus arteriosis
I wish to visit the village where my father was born

An old Greek proverb says, "Live today, forget the past." Peter understands… but celebration to his past is also important to him. He feels a deep connection to his Greek heritage. And this leads him to Greece – to the village where his father was born – for his wish. 

The locals say that Greece is an experience just as much as it's a country. Peter learns what they mean in all the sights and sounds. He visits the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Temple of Zeus, and other great Greek landmarks. But his wish is more than checking the sites off a list. He wished to go to Greece to connect with the land and the people; he wished to find the spirit of Greece, something that can't be found on any tour bus. He finds it in the people he meets at a three-day Greek wedding, and during a 12-hour snorkeling trip in the warm water.  

This is everything he was looking for in his Make-A-Wish experience. Peter will live today, just like in the proverb, and he’ll find his future with a heightened awareness of his heritage. Read Peter's wish story page here.

A collection of wish stories with dads for Father's Day. ”

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Ray S.

The week of June 2, you arranged for my granddaughter, Laura Grace, her brother and Dad to visit Nashville, Tenn. for the entire week.
She has a terminal disease and this was a great gift to her. Thank you very much. I will continue to always support Make-A-Wish.

June 12, 2014 - 3:13 PM