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Tucker Goes to Infinity and Beyond

Tucker wished to go to Disneyland® Resort

“ It was his way of saying ‘I’m strong, I’m a superhero.’ ”

Thanks to Disney
for making wishes
like this possible! Disney

When Make-A-Wish® volunteers met with Tucker to learn what his one true wish was, it took some time to uncover his greatest visions. According to his wish granters, Tucker likes everything that most little boys like: jungle animals, trains, bugs, Play-doh, dirt, balls, games … the list goes on. But Tucker’s eyes lit up a little brighter and his smile broadened when they mentioned Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen.

Tucker’s true wish was clear. “To us, there was a spark that these Disney Pixar characters brought to Tucker,” Tucker’s wish granter, Kim-Loan, said. These characters became the inspiration for his wish.

Tucker and his family arrived at his dream destinations: Disneyland and Cars Land in Disney California Adventure. On the first morning of his wish trip, Tucker was so eager to meet Lightning McQueen that he giggled all through breakfast and on the way to Cars Land. When he heard the roar of an engine and that familiar “Ka-Chow,” Tucker yelled, “It’s Lightning McQueen!”

Tucker started the day on the Radiator Springs Racers ride and couldn’t get enough. His parents guess that they rode the track five or six times that day. “Each time we rode, his voice would get a little higher pitched, and he would narrate the ride, telling us everything that was about to happen around each curve,” they said.

And what about Tucker’s other animated idol? He insisted on wearing his Buzz Lightyear costume, complete with inflatable wings and laser-lighted gloves, on their final day at the park. After being heralded as “Buzz” by his fellow characters and park-goers, Tucker decided he wanted a photo snapped of him in his gear. His parents took him to Willy’s Butte and asked for his best Buzz Lightyear impression.

“He threw out his arms, yelled ‘TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!’ and ran towards us as if he were flying. It was his way of saying ‘I’m strong, I’m a superhero, and I’m going to save the world,’” Tucker’s parents said. “And that’s exactly what this trip meant to our family. It was the perfect way to end the journey of treatments and begin a life of normalcy, health, and happiness.”

Thank you Disney, for helping grant Tucker's wish and nearly 100,000 incredible Disney-related wishes
since 1980.

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