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Sara Looks Forward to London


“ Sara’s trip to London can redefine her life. ”

Sponsored by Monograms

Sara has dreamed of packing her bags and leaving for London for as long as she can remember, a wish she thinks will never come true.

The past eight years have involved living a strict lifestyle that revolves around keeping her healthy as possible. But this year, she’ll get to experience the world like she never has before.

It will be an eight-day getaway she will get to share with her mother. Sara hasn’t been able to keep up with other kids her age and has been forced to spend most of her days alone in the school library. Now, she will be able to roam the lovely streets of London and enjoy a train ride to Paris.  

Altering Life to Survive

Day to day, Sara struggles to come to grips with having a life-threatening condition. As she neared her seventh birthday Sara was diagnosed with a heart rhythm disorder that can cause fast heartbeats. Since then, Sara’s entire life has been bounded by close supervision, including having to carry a portable electronic device with her at all times to track her heart rhythm.

If you ask Sara, she’ll admit that it often upsets her that she can't do the same things kids her age do.

"My friends say, 'Look what we just did today.' And I'll say, 'I stayed in the library, so good for you,” she says. 

A new beginning

Sara’s mother, Kim, is a member of an online support group for mothers whose children have the cardiac condition. That’s where she connected with other site members familiar with Make-A-Wish. Within two weeks of filling out an online inquiry form, Kim received a call from Make-A-Wish.

Everything came together, and Sara can now look forward to an experience that could redefine her life.

The family plans to visit the London Eye, the Tower of London and possibly Buckingham Palace. And the Eiffel Tower remains high on the list.


Monograms® Travel planned and donated Sara’s trip to London. Since 2009, Monograms has donated more than $300,000 worth of travel vouchers to grant the international travel wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Local support and guidance arranged through Monograms allows wish kids and their families to enjoy seamless, worry-free trips abroad.

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Kaneskia E.

Things like this is what i wish i could had growing up with having hardships in reading and writing and a brain malfunction. But i am so happy that there is people out there that care about people like this

November 20, 2014 - 7:46 AM

Virginia F.

I know as a mother it hard to see your child unable to interact with your kids cause of there conditions. Im a mother with a one year okd daughter that suffer from VSD and heart failure. She was 11 days old when she had her first open heart surgery and done had three heart cath done. I been looking for other parents that i can reach out to and talk to about this condition. .GOD BLESS OUR BABIES

November 30, 2014 - 1:49 PM

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