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One Wish Reconnects a Family

Ruben's favorite part of his wish was that his whole family could be together and reconnect after being away for months while he battled leukemia.

Ruben spent quality time with his siblings and dad.

When Ruben, 17, made his wish, he wanted it to be something with his entire family.

After a year battling leukemia and many months away from his family undergoing arduous medical treatments – the only thing Ruben wanted was time back with those he loved most.

Ruben’s wish to go to Atlantis brought his four siblings and parents together on the beach, enjoying waterslides, a lazy river and an interactive dolphin session. The highlight for him was getting quality time with his siblings and dad who were “left on the backburner” when Ruben was away getting treatments. For his siblings, having their mom gone was incredibly taxing on them.

Thanks to Bristol-Myers Squibb, you helped Ruben and his family reconnect to what’s most important – time together. Your support strengthened his family and provided an oasis from the stress of his medical condition. The entire wish experience left the family feeling complete again after a year of uncertainty.

“It is very special to see Ruben and his brothers splashing in the waves with no cares in the world,” said Nancy, Ruben’s mom. “We left feeling grateful for the vitality Ruben now has after his leukemia.”

A wish is more than nice. It's necessary.

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“As an oncologist, we often put children through uncomfortable procedures that often wear them down. To give these kids anything that can spark hope is so meaningful … a wish can give them that. I see the twinkle in my patients’ eyes before their wish and then when they get back. The entire family’s morale is elevated. Parents see a shadow lifted – and their child is renewed.”

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