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Hitting the road, rally racing style

Phillip wished to go to a rally racing school

“ Driving (is) like therapy to me. ”

- Phillip


Phillip longs for the open road. Having already faced a long journey battling a spinal tumor, Phillip was intent on including elements of adventure and surprise in his wish. Specifically, he wanted a wish that could incorporate one of his hobbies, Subaru cars. “Driving [is] like therapy to me,” Phillip told wish granting volunteers during his wish interview. So, he decided to wish for a hands-on experience with rally racing school.

Soon after choosing his wish, Phillip boarded a plane to Seattle that would take him to the Dirt Fish Rally School in Snoqualmie. There, he’d spend two days racing Subaru cars around a dirt course with one-on-one instruction and VIP training. At one point, Phillip experienced a minor crash while turning around the track. A minor fumble like this one didn’t slow Phillip down. Later in the day, the Dirt Fish team gave him the side-view mirror he had broken off in the crash, with all of their signatures on it! 

Phillip loves photography almost as much as he loves cars, so he brought his camera along with him to document the entire experience, from his crack-of-dawn plane ride to his last turn around the track. Outside of his time at the Dirt Fish school, Phillip spent time exploring Seattle, and even made it to the top of the Space Needle. Phillip left Seattle fueled with energy and new experiences, and he is grateful to the Make-A-Wish supporters and Subaru of America for making his wish possible. 

Make-A-Wish supporters and Subaru of America helped make this wish come true.

I’ve literally had the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. If I had another wish, it would be to do it all over again. One-hundred percent, no doubt. ”

— Phillip, 18

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