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Noah Faces Every Challenge with a Smile

Noah wished to go on a rescue adventure PHOTO: Julie Richards Photography

“ Noah remains excited and resilient. ”

He’s super-brave. A tough guy. Just ask Noah’s mom, Amy, about him, and that’s what you’ll learn. These are not just a proud mom’s words. Noah has been through 24 surgeries so far. More surgeries and more medical procedures will always be part of his life.

“The most remarkable thing about Noah is how resilient he is and how excited he is about life,” says his dad, Matt, “and even on his worst day when he's not feeling he's got a smile on his face and he's just ready to face the world.”

So what helps a kid like Noah feel better while struggling with his health?

Maybe a little escapist television. His favorite TV show might surprise you: It’s the 1970s-era medical adventure drama “Emergency!”. The show and its characters also inspire Noah to one day be a paramedic.

Responding for a Wish Kid

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that “Emergency!” also inspired Noah’s wish. Make-A-Wish volunteers connected with the Los Angeles police and fire departments to make plans for a rescue experience that would put Noah into the world of first responders.

Before he even left, though, real-life versions of his “Emergency!” heroes made time to meet him in his own community of Burlington, Vermont. Police, fire and rescue personnel offered him some pre-wish training to prepare him for Los Angeles. One of the fire captains fully understood the importance of Noah’s wish: His son also received a wish experience in 1989.

On to Los Angeles

When Noah looks back at his wish years from now, he’ll probably think back to his time on the driving course. Camera footage from inside the car is a hit with Internet viewers who love watching his enormous grin as a police officer spins them around 360 degrees. Afterward, he shouted “This is the ride of my life!”

That wild ride at the Los Angeles Police Academy was just one item on a long list of activities the police and fire departments planned for Noah. He also enjoyed a helicopter ride, meeting the canine team, trying on all the equipment and blaring a fire truck’s siren.

“It’s pretty moving to just see so much preparation, attention and anticipation just based on the things he loves in the world,” Amy said.

  • Noah gets in a ride in some old-school firefighting hardware.
    PHOTO: Julie Richards Photography

  • It's helicopter time for Noah.
    PHOTO: Julie Richards Photography

  • Noah's weight probably doubled with all this body armor.
    PHOTO: Julie Richards Photography

  • Noah is ready to take to the skies.
    PHOTO: Julie Richards Photography

  • The canine team is ready for action.
    PHOTO: Julie Richards Photography

  • Behind the scenes of rescuing people.
    PHOTO: Julie Richards Photography

  • Noah takes the wheel of a driving simulator.
    PHOTO: Julie Richards Photography

  • Listening in to the radio traffic.
    PHOTO: Julie Richards Photography

  • One day, Noah will grow into this hat and jacket.
    PHOTO: Julie Richards Photography

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

Micaela J.

I hope you will always live a happy life and that you will have good things happen to you from now on you seem like a great kid and you are very inspiring to others.

May 24, 2015 - 10:31 PM

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