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Maddi Enjoys the Full Paris Experience

Maddi goes to Paris

“ Maddi is optimistic and better-prepared to discover all the possibilities the world has to offer. ”

One day in 2009 changed Maddi’s family forever. They begin the day as a typical family on the go. Just hours later, they face a hard reality: They must stand by Maddi in the battle against acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The support Maddi received from family and friends motivates and strengthens her through each treatment – even receiving her little brother Nathan’s bone marrow. The path toward recovery is filled with gratitude and a dream to see Paris, especially the Eiffel Tower’s sparkling lights. Even more motivating is the knowledge that her wish will come true: Make-A-Wish® and Monograms® Travel will grant her wish to go to Paris.

Maddi turns the promise of her wish into a way to help her get better. She turns her thoughts to the art, the food, the fashion ... and she is finally ready to travel.

Anticipation nearly overwhelms Maddi as her flight nears its destination. They land, check into their room … a room with a view of the River Seine. The family’s stroll to the Eiffel Tower is like something from a dream.

Over the next seven days, Maddi leads the way with her Monograms itinerary. She drinks in the sights of palaces, galleries, museums, cathedrals … and loses herself in the famous French cuisine.

Maddi’s trip to Paris changes her. She’s not the same person she was before being diagnosed with leukemia. But what’s different about her today makes her more optimistic, and better-prepared to discover all the possibilities the world has to offer.

Monograms® Travel planned and donated Maddi’s trip to Paris. Since 2009, Monograms has donated more than $150,000 worth of travel vouchers to grant the international travel wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Local support and guidance arranged through Monograms allows wish kids and their families to enjoy seamless, worry-free trips abroad.

Visit Monograms Travel for more information about all that it does to share the power of a wish® .

Monograms, part of the Globus family of brands, is a proud sponsor of Make-A-Wish, providing free vacations and offering discounted travel packages to help grant travel-related wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

With the help of Monograms packages, wish families can embark on remarkable journeys to destinations such as Europe, Hawaii, the Galapagos Islands, China, or the South Pacific. Monograms packages are easy to book and provide much needed on-vacation support, so that families can spend their time on what matters most – each other.

 Bringing families together to experience some of the world's most remarkable destinations is what we do best. Monograms is proud to support Make-A-Wish to assist in granting the international travel wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions throughout the United States. We are honored to share the power of a wish® through the gift of travel, enriching the lives of these brave children with hope, strength and joy.

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More than 74 percent of all wishes granted involve travel.

When you support our Wishes in Flight® program, you help wish kids take flight.

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Emily , 14


I wish to go to Paris

Emily flies to Paris

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