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One Wish Reconnects a Family

Swimming with a dolphin was Kaimani's favorite part of his wish.

Hawaii is where Kaimani’s family is.

The most important thing for Kaimani was to get back to Hawaii to be with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

To Kaimani, Hawaii is home. But, because of his cancer, he hasn’t been home to visit family in quite some time. It was essential that he go back after he completed his treatments.

Kaimani sends a special thank you to Bristol Myers-Squibb for helping make his wish come true.When his family arrived in Hawaii, Kaimani’s extended family was waiting there to surprise him. Kaimani was able to play on the beach with his family, swim with dolphins and even learn more about his culture. The highlight of his trip was taking photos with the dolphins.

“We can’t thank you for this incredible, stress-free trip to Hawaii,” said Shannon, Kaimani’s mom. “You would have to be there to understand exactly what this trip did for our baby. Not even the beautiful photos could capture his joy of being away from his reality and reunited with his family who fill his heart. My heart is full … thank you for making his wish come true.”

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“I cherish the pictures I get back from my patients after their wish trips. I absolutely adore hearing those stories of what it meant to them. It keeps me going. It keeps me waking up every day to want to do this job. And more importantly, it helps me and keeps me motivated to get the message out about the impact wishes have on kids with critical illnesses.”

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