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Justin Finds a Welcome Escape During Family Golf Outing

Justin wished to play golf at Pebble Beach Golf Links®

“ Justin bonded with his family during a day on the links. ”

Golf can be frustrating, but Justin doesn’t shy away from the sport. He finds comfort in the challenge, constantly working to improve his skill and achieve new goals.

Golf keeps his mind occupied, giving him the freedom to feel like a normal kid again. All it takes is the swing of a club to raise his spirits.

Why Golf is Justin’s Sport of Choice

When Justin is wearing the vest that provides treatment for his cystic fibrosis, he likes to think about golf. After his diagnosis, he took the sport up as a hobby to keep his mind on something other than his illness. It’s something that he can enjoy with his dad, which is important to him. During the worst times he thinks back to his first tournament. It was a big day, one he’ll never forget because he scored his very first hole in one.

Watching videos of the Pebble Beach Golf Links® course has helped Justin through the toughest treatments. It’s his favorite course because of the challenge it promises. He wants to play there someday, and imagining that he’s playing the course during treatments helps make things just a little bit easier. Justin believed that having his wish, to golf at Pebble Beach Golf Links®, granted would bring the same kind of distraction. 

Justin’s Big Day on the Links

The day of Justin’s wish is more than he could have imagined. Justin, his dad, grandfather and uncle spend the day bonding over the sport that they all love at the course Justin has been dreaming about for weeks. It’s different from the courses they are used to playing in San Diego. The family members have a great time, relishing one another’s triumphs, failures and silly moments. More importantly, Justin feels just like a normal kid again.

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Patti L.

This story about Justin hit home with me. My son Mike's wish was granted at Pebble Beach May 31st, 1997 with his Dad. My son was battling cancer at the time and to see the smile on my son's face on the first tee at Pebble Beach was a memory that will last a lifetime for me and my family. Thank you, Make-A-Wish Foundation!

June 11, 2015 - 4:06 PM

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