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David experiences Super Bowl XLVI

David goes to the Super Bowl

“ This chance to watch Super Bowl XLVI live is a new beginning for David. ”

It’s moments before kickoff. The referee tosses the coin in the air. Heads or tails? Kick or receive? Giants or Patriots?

The anticipation is almost too much for David. He’s gone through so much to make it to Super Bowl XLVI. He’s survived leukemia, sat out a year of football to regain his health, battled to return to his team.

David is one of a dozen Make-A-Wish® kids at the Super Bowl XLVI matchup between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. They’ll watch the teams give their all to claim the title. For each, the gridiron is more than spectacle – it’s inspiration, strength and optimism. And the Super Bowl is the absolute pinnacle of the football world. An unforgettable experience for each child, each family.

This chance to watch Super Bowl XLVI live is a new beginning for David. He’s already triumphed over leukemia. His return to the high school football team inspired his teammates to a state championship.

This moment is the first of his future. David pictures himself as an oncology nurse … with the first-hand knowledge to care for young patients, just like himself. He had the strength to overcome leukemia, and that strength guides him toward the path of helping others.

Each Super Bowl XLVI wish came true thanks to the Make-A-Wish® America relationships with the National Football League and Chevrolet.

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I'm wondering if David, who just went to the super bowl, would be able to contact my son? Jake has just been diagnosed with leukemia, and is missing his senior year, and he's a baseball player. I think David could be an inspiration to Jake.

February 08, 2012 - 7:00 PM


Thats awesome im trying to figure out my wish!

October 02, 2012 - 9:58 AM


This story really inspired me. My son is 12yrs old and was recently diagnnosed with a Medulloblastoma, he under went an 8hr brain surgery and was told that he would have to sit out his next season of football which is loves very much. That news made him feel a little down being that he loves football. Reading this story made me think of my son but all inspired me. I can let him read this story also to let him know that there is hope and once treatment is done he can continue back with the sport that he loves the most. I am glad that David was able to experience the Super Bowl. That mustve been one of the greatest days of his life.

December 09, 2012 - 9:59 AM

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