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David's "Ride for the Roses"

David goes to 'Ride for the Roses'

“ I want to contribute to cancer research so other kids won’t have to go through what I’ve gone through and suffer so much. ”

- David

David confronts his challenge head on, pushing his limits while proving his strength. He knows he can overcome this struggle to grasp the possibilities ahead – with remission and a rose among them.

This 17-year-old fought hard through the side effects of his brain cancer treatment. His own experience with a life-threatening medical condition inspired him to use his fighting power to help other kids with cancer by participating in Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG® “Ride for the Roses” event – where participants receive a rose symbolizing their compassion at the finish line.

“I want to contribute to cancer research so other kids won’t have to go through what I’ve gone through and suffer so much,” David says.

With the help of Make-A-Wish® Wisconsin, local community members, and the UAW-GM sponsors, David receives his wish.

While the wish team can get David and his family to the event, David fundraises to qualify –like every LIVESRONG rider. The money raised supports the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s mission to inspire and empower people affected by cancer through advocacy, education, public health and research.

David and his sister, Laura printed donor cards to pass out to friends, family and community members with information on how to donate to the cause in his name. Soon the news of David’s story spread. Todd McLaughlin, a cancer survivor himself – and a physician’s assistant – was so inspired he sponsored David in two local cycling events: the Trek Spring into Wisconsin and Tour de Villes. With this sponsorship, David met his fundraising goal of $15,000, qualifying him for the “Polka Dot” level.

Finally, David and his family are on their way to Armstrong’s ninth-annual signature cycling fundraiser in Austin, Texas.

David has the opportunity to meet the Tour de France champion and ride by his side during the Polka Dot Jersey Team Ride. Proving his physical strength with every pedal, David rides in the 40-mile leg and participates in the event’s many festivities, including activities in the LIVESTRONG Village, the LIVESTRONG Kids Event and the Post Ride Party.

“This wish was more than I ever could have imagined,” David says. “Lance is a great guy. As a cancer survivor, he shows us that we can go on and do glorious things.”

David’s wish experience is not only a celebration of his determination to live strong, but it’s also a chance to rejuvenate the entire family.

The opportunity to share a family vacation celebrating that the worst is behind us is so meaningful to all of us. We’ve really weathered this as a family. ”

— David's mom

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