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The Colosseum captivates David

David goes to Italy

“ It was the perfect escape that David had envisioned. ”

Eight sturdy columns and a large dome loomed ahead – the Pantheon, a temple to the gods and the final resting place of renowned painter Raphael.

Crowds surged forward to get a glimpse of 2,000 years of history. David marveled at the structure before him – he had built his own model of the Pantheon once, at school. But this … it was much more than a page out of a book or a model. Italy had finally come alive. Finally.

Setting the Course for Italy

Ornate chapels and the mighty Colosseum ... these places captivated David from a young age. He devoured books and movies about Italy, eager to build his connection to this faraway place.

But David’s life is full of unusual challenges and the realities of living with a congenital heart defect. Every day is different and presents new obstacles. David kept his spirits up by imagining an escape to his favorite place. With the help of Make-A-Wish and Monograms® Travel, David and his family set their course for Italy.

History Brought to LifeDavid goes to Italy

The family’s trip itinerary read like an action-packed travel guide. They saw the Catacombs, swam in the Mediterranean and posed for pictures at the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. Though packed with history, the trip was no boring stroll through a stuffy museum. He stood in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, one of the fiercest volcanoes in the world. He toured the Isle of Capri in a convertible taxi. David saw it all.

Renewed by the Wish, a New Perspective

Awestruck, David and his family asked the locals about an old building they were drawn to.

That’s only from the 14th century. There are better things to see.

But for this group, all of the sights were incredible. That was the beauty of their trip – the chance to tap into childlike curiosity as they explored the country. Whether the buildings were 200 or 2,000 years old, they still transmitted that sense of the unknown. It was the perfect escape that David had envisioned.

When they prepared to depart, David and his family felt renewed by the wish – ready to return home, to face life’s challenges and opportunities. They left with a fresh perspective and memories for years to come.

Monograms® Travel planned and donated David’s wish. Since 2009, Monograms has donated more than $250,000 worth of travel vouchers to grant the international travel wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Local support and guidance arranged through Monograms allows wish kids and their families to enjoy seamless, worry-free trips abroad.

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More than 74 percent of all wishes granted involve travel.

When you support our Wishes in Flight® program, you help wish kids take flight.

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I love to travel, but I can’t ... Just to be able to do this – to be able to give back to my family for all they’ve done for me – is really amazing. ”

— Buddy

Buddy's Thanksgiving in NYC

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