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A Trip Away from the Ordinary

Colin wished to go to Hawaii

Adventure and curiosity became the center of Colin’s life during his wish.

Thank You Subaru

A group of spinner dolphins trails Colin’s boat, gliding under the blue, shimmering waters of Kauai. As Colin watches them, the dolphins break the surface, flipping in spirals under the bright, warm sun. He is filled with awe. “They were so close to the boat, you practically reach out and touch them,” he recounts.

Right now, he is on a boat tour with his family, and there are still infinite wonders to explore once they get back on the island. But a few years ago, this trip didn’t seem like a possibility. Colin has an endocrine disorder, which means that his body struggles to produce the right amount of hormones. His condition is life-threatening and requires extra medical care that most teenagers don’t have to worry about. It can make travel difficult.

While this disorder would keep many people from doing the things they want in life, Colin has forged forward. And he knew that of all the places on Earth he could visit, he wanted to go to the stunning beaches of Kauai to relax and spend quality time with his family.

Kauai delivers, providing opportunities for both adventure and tranquility over several days. One day, Colin and his family ride a zip line down the lush, green mountainside, savoring the salty air. The next day, they experience the island’s many waterfalls, including the famed Wailua and Manawaiopuna Falls. As they bob in the cool water, life’s worries float away. They even get the chance to gaze upon the island from high up in a helicopter!

Aside from sightseeing, Colin has many opportunities to learn about local Hawaiian culture. He and his family are invited to a luau where they experience one of Hawaii’s oldest traditions. They also take a look into Kauai life on their ATV tour as Colin rides over bumpy dirt roads and spots cows in the grass along the path. By the end of the trip, he comes away with a better appreciation of Hawaii, both its history and its modern day culture.

Even the local food heals his soul. Colin experiences as much authentic Hawaiian cuisine as possible during his vacation. In his own words, each tropical drink is topped with “the freshest piece of pineapple,” and he tries new fruits from the food stands along the road.

His absolute favorite, though, is the Puka dog – an island favorite in Kauai made with traditional Hawaiian sweetbread and fruit-based sauces – with a tall glass of crisp lemonade. Instead of opening up like a book, it is skewered on a warm pole to toast the bun both inside and out, and then the ingredients are placed inside. You just can’t get that kind of food back in New Jersey!

Between the falls, the food and the fun, Colin and his family have a wonderful time together in Kauai. It is a pleasure for them to take a little time away from everyday life, and the memories are sure to last even when they return to the mainland. Colin is so grateful for his trip that he sends a note detailing his family’s adventures. “You will always have me saying, ‘take me back,’” he writes. “Mahalo for making this trip as enjoyable as it was.”

Make-A-Wish supporters and Subaru of America helped make this wish come true.

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