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A Theme Park Wish Later And
Goodbye Feeding Port

Ann Louise wished to go to a Florida Theme Park

“ The impact of Ann Louise's wish continues … and makes her life better, every single day. ”

Ann Louise never eats on her own. Her nourishment comes through a feeding port. It’s been there ever since she can remember, a reminder of her fight against a congenital heart defect.

Her family tries everything – encouragement, pleading, even a feeding therapist. Nothing changes. Her parents and brothers just want to see Ann Louise eat like any other kid. It’s something you’d never think about – unless your child couldn’t do it.

A Chance for Change

Make-A-Wish® volunteers visit Ann Louise. She shares her vision of a perfect day … to go to the Florida theme parks and the chance for adventure on the park rides.

Her wish granters know how to transform a kid’s wish into an unforgettable spectacle. But, her family says, Ann Louise has a job to do, too.

She just has to “eat to grow big and strong” for her trip. Just like her brothers, just like her friends. That’s all. Ann Louise hears. She finds an ember of motivation, some seed of determination.

 And for the first time, Ann Louise eats enough, on her own.

First Vacation Heals a Family

 One week in Florida … and one week without any need for Ann Louise to use her feeding pump. A first, a triumph, a family’s hope realized. She even swallows her medication.

 Her parents witness an endless montage of events that would be completely ordinary to most families. For them? Each moment is part of a warm wave of social, mental and physical healing.

 Ask Mary Beth, Ann Louise’s mother, about what’s different now. She will tell you it’s seeing her daughter do something most parents take for granted. Ann Louise’s feeding port is gone; they kept it for about a year, just in case. Just before Ann Louis celebrated her fourth birthday, doctors removed it. Mary Beth is convinced the Make-A-Wish experience made this transformation possible.

 Every time the family gathers for a meal, Ann Louise now seems just like any other kid her age. The impact of her wish continues … and makes her life better, every single day.


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From Wish Nation: Ann Louise Proves Wishes are More Than Nice

People like Make-A-Wish, even if they just know a little bit about it. They think it’s nice, a happy experience for a kid facing something they can’t imagine. Ask Ann Louise and her family, though, and they'll tell you it's much more than that.

Wish Nation Publisher, Justin S., discusses Ann Louise's experience in a blog post.

Read the post: Ann Louise Proves Wishes are More Than NIce

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM


Just wanted to say that reading your Wish stories continue to inspire me. I have had the fortune of participating in a wish when my mother was assisting the Los Angeles chapter. I have every intention of getting more involved and would love to grant wishes myself when I return from being stationed in Germany. That is a promise.

August 24, 2012 - 10:42 AM


I hope all little children achieve radiant health. I will donate to make sure your little angels can have their wishes fulfilled.

August 27, 2012 - 5:55 AM



July 25, 2013 - 5:54 AM

Kay L.

Prayers and Blessing to your staff for granting their wishes ...May you continue to grant many more wishes and May the Lord continue to touch those who are sick with His healing hands,and May the Lord continue to touch hearts as they Bless those whose hearts are touched by your Ministry.

July 25, 2013 - 9:43 AM

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