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Thanking a Community for Friendship and Care

Ready for some mac 'n' cheese?

“ Lucas expressed his gratitude. ”

There are so many things nobody mentions about fighting for your life against an illness – like how hard it becomes to handle even daily, routine tasks that you usually take for granted. Like cooking dinner. Among all the other stress, it suddenly takes an epic amount of resolve just to think about putting a meal on the table.

Lucas, though, is lucky. Friends and neighbors show up at his family’s door often. Every casserole, every side dish, every dessert … they all remind Lucas that people care about him.

That’s not something Lucas can forget easily. And he won’t.

Months Later, Lucas Shows His Gratitude

Things are looking up for Lucas. He is moved by the many acts of kindness – the friends who cared for him, the medical professionals who treated him, the police who patrol the community and many other have earned his admiration and thanks.

Lucas finds his chance to thank them all when he meets his volunteer wish granters. They invited him to start thinking about a wish; he asked his parents if he could use his wish to help others.

This is where all the planning begins. Food truck owners who are part of the Minnesota Food Truck Association took a starring role. They stepped forward to plan a culinary tour of the city that would allow Lucas to deliver free lunch to a homeless shelter, senior center, church, the Minneapolis Police Department and the hospital where he received treatment.

Behind Lucas’ Struggle

Before he was diagnosed, Lucas was a bit of a foodie. Then he lost his appetite. His weight plummeted. He was plagued with fevers.

Fortunately, his medical team found the problem – a tumor in the center of his chest. Lucas’ mother, Sarah, had cancer six years earlier. He remembered what a difficult time it was, but he also remembered how his family stuck together.

Lucas spent nearly 40 nights in the hospital to overcome his condition.

Back to the Present

Today, the food truck operators help Lucas serve nearly 2,500 people – nearly 1,000 at the hospital alone. And the food truck crews are thrilled to be part of it.

“What I enjoyed most about being involved in a wish was being able to put in the time and effort, said John Levy, president of the Minneapolis Food Truck Association. Being a donor is great but also being able to contribute my energy and organizational skills in order to make a wish come true was incredible.

From mac-and-cheese to spicy chicken, Lucas’ food truck fleet has something for every palate. But the best part for everyone who received lunch that day is the aftertaste of kindness.

“We get some people saying they appreciate what we do, but nothing like this by adults, let alone a kid,” a police officer tells the local media.

Everywhere Lucas and the food trucks stops leaves people full – and feeling a lot better about humanity.

"I don't know what to say, but it makes me feel really, really happy for what I'm doing," Lucas says.

  • Ready for some mac 'n' cheese?

  • A police officer shows up for Lucas' wish - and some lunch!

  • Lucas makes a new friend.

  • Lucas dishes out lunch at his hospital.

  • Lucas' crew for the day.

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