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Luis Ready to Dig Into Dinosaur Wish


“ Luis’ love for science shapes his personality. ”

Luis has always wanted to be a paleontologist. He can name off all the different types of prehistoric dinosaurs without hesitation.

If there is one thing he remembers, it’s his first visit to the museum. Walking in the shadows of the museum dinosaur halls, Luis was so frightened he cried. Still, even in a museum filled with scary-looking dinosaurs, Luis yearned for one thing: to dig for bones.

At the age of nine, Luis was diagnosed with brain cancer.

By the time the tumor was detected, it was the size of a baseball, and doctors predicted he only had two days to live. 

Luis was in coma for a month. After undergoing surgery to get the brain tumor removed, the surgery left Luis paralyzed on the right side of his body, and Luis would have to learn to sit, walk, talk and eat again.

The tumor made Luis entirely different from his usual happy and energetic self, his mother, Bertha, said. Just 10 days into his third grade year, Luis was hospitalized and forced to skip an entire year of school. And so, Bertha believes that granting Luis his lifetime wish, will give him motivation to drive him in school.  

“He went from being above average to struggling,” Bertha said. “Luis gets pulled out of class a lot.”

Bertha said Luis just wants to be normal, and to be able to experience this worry-free moment together is exciting.

Luis’ wish granters, Patti and Gaylen said meeting Luis for the first time was an amazing experience. According to Patti, the 12-year-old’s scientific passion and knowledge were clearly a part of who he was.

And right now, Luis is ready to start digging.

“If I find a lot of dinosaur bones, I’m just going to faint,” Luis said.

Watch this story for updates about Luis and his dinosaur dig wish.

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