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Kyle Joins the Arizona Diamondbacks

“ In front of 24,000 cheering fans, Kyle approaches the pitcher’s mound… ”

Kyle’s room is home to a collection of Arizona Diamondbacks bobble heads, a case of souvenir baseballs and a map of Chase Field. He spends many of his days practicing his swing or running the bases with his weekly miracle league. Kyle’s legs are permanently bent and he can’t lift his head, but that doesn’t keep him from playing the game he loves.

Before their first birthday, Kyle and his twin sister Lauren were diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. The condition limited his mobility but not his spirit … or his passion for baseball. Kyle’s favorite team is the Arizona Diamondbacks. So when players Adam Eaton and Willie Bloomquist paid him a visit and asked him to join the team, he couldn’t pass it up.

To fulfill his wish, Kyle went to Chase Field, where he found his own locker complete with a uniform and personalized bobble head. He spent the day at batting practice with the rest of the players, taking tips on his swing and bonding with his teammates.

Even Kyle’s dad, a fellow baseball enthusiast, is amazed by the statistics Kyle can ramble off, and some of the players tested his knowledge at the stadium. “Wow. He is good,” said an impressed J.J. Putz.

Later, in front of 24,000 cheering fans, Kyle approached the pitcher’s mound and threw the ceremonial first pitch of the game. But he was just as happy to play catch with his fellow Diamondbacks on the sidelines, to be treated as a true member of the team.

Kyle’s wish was part of the 2013 “My Wish” series on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

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