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Kevins Transforms into Shooting Star

“ I wish I had superpowers. ”

- Kevin

Heroes aren't always caped champions made of iron or steel. Sometimes they are children, fighting through life's greatest obstacles with a smile on their face.

Kevin battles the one of the biggest villains of all ‒ cancer. A diagnosis of stage 3 Hodgkins disease requires him to spend days in the hospital, enduring difficult treatments and multiple operations.

Kevin tells his mom, "I wish I could have superpowers. I wish I could fly!"

Make-A-Wish® North Texas heard Kevin's wish and assembled a team of talented people to transform Kevin into Shooting Star, a hero with amazing superpowers and the ability to fly.

Kevin's wish plays out in an epic movie

With the assistance of Moroch, the advertising agency based in Dallas, Kevin's memorable wish was made into a film that all Make-A-Wish fans can enjoy.

The story begins when Shooting Star, the secret identity of Kevin, receives a plea for help from the city commissioner. Lord Valkyrie has stolen a giant-sized diamond to power his mind-control machine, and Shooting Star is the only one who can stop his evil plan. Flying above the city, Shooting Star locates the machine and must single-handedly take on Lord Valkyrie and his henchmen. Are Shooting Star’s mental powers and physical strength enough to overcome evil and keep the city safe? Watch and see.

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Such a powerful story. Keep fighting Kevin!

October 31, 2014 - 5:11 AM


thx and i will

December 01, 2014 - 12:30 PM

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