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Cayden joins Mario Lopez on "Extra"

Cayden wished to be a pop star

“ This one child affected an entire community of people. ”

- Make-A-Wish volunteer

Cayden, an 11-year-old wish kid, wished to be a pop star in Los Angeles as part of World Wish Day®.

Before participating in media stops, Cayden receives a mini makeover thanks to Macy's. Looking the part, he heads to Red Bull Studios to record a song then takes a break to enjoy dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. He performs with Maroon 5. He walks by a throng of screaming fans with his bodyguards in tow. Cayden becomes part of the pop star world.  

But his wish experience isn't over yet. Cayden makes an appearance on the CW's entertainment news program "Extra" with Mario Lopez. This wish kid takes the pop star culture by storm and enjoying all its possibilities.


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Anastasia , 9


I wish to sing in front of famous people

Anastasia sings on "The Talk"

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