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Aubrey Becomes Superhero Star

  • Lion Lady and Star check out the helicopter.

  • Star cuffs "Black", her arch-nemesis, named after the silhouette on the neighborhood watch sign.

  • There will be no crimes committed under Star's watchful eye.

  • Star and her crime-fighting team (Dog Man, Tree Girl, House Lifter, Lion Lady, Sky Girl, Frog Lady, Martian Manhunter) along with the captured villains.

  • Star makes time to pose for photos after being sworn in as an honorary police officer.

“ The entire community backed her up to make two incredible days that will have a lasting impact on all our lives. ”

- Aubrey's family.

Aubrey, 6, wanted to help all children who are also fighting critical illnesses. While dreaming of her wish, she decided the best way to help these kids was to become a superhero.

As an infant, Aubrey received treatments for an inoperable brain tumor. Though she’s always displayed superhero strength to those around her, being outfitted in a personalized costume and bringing down the city’s villain allowed her to feel and see firsthand the strength she’s always held.

As superhero “Star,” Aubrey enjoyed x-ray vision, super strength, super speed, and super breath. With these powers, and a team of fellow crime fighters (who wore costumes designed by Aubrey), star stopped an outlaw who was terrorizing the city.

After capturing the evildoer, Aubrey was sworn in by the mayor as an honorary police officer for her courage and dedication to justice. 

Aubrey was thrilled with her wish experience to keep the city safe, and she wasn't the only one.

“The entire community backed her up to make two incredible days that will have a lasting impact on all our lives,” her family remembers.

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