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Wish Your Way Spotlight: Online Fundraiser Surpasses Goal Overnight

Mollie and Ryder
Through the Wish Your Way program, people just like you have raised more than $18 million for Make-A-Wish® since 2017 through fundraisers that match their passions. We’re excited to highlight success stories of the students, families, corporations and others who independently and collectively support our mission – and they demonstrate just how easy it is to make wishes possible for children with critical illnesses. Warning: This article is likely to inspire you to start your own Wish Your Way fundraiser!

Mollie Simpson was taken by surprise when her son, Ryder, declared he wanted to raise money for charity in honor of his 13th birthday. “I told him to research and decide on his own where he would donate the money,” Simpson said. “He came to me a couple weeks later and said he wanted to see his money go to local kids, and he felt like he got that promise from Make-A-Wish.”

Ryder created a video explaining his fundraiser and his goal to raise $500. Simpson shared the video with her social media network. Overnight, Ryder’s video was shared 150 times and he exceeded his goal – raising $1,000 for wish kids.

“Parents doubt themselves every day,” Simpson said. “But to see that’s how he’s turning out, it makes me think, ‘I did something right by him.’” Ryder said the experience was an easy way to demonstrate kindness. “It made me happy giving the kids what their wishes were,” said Ryder, now 14.

Each year, people like Ryder raise millions of dollars through the Wish Your Way fundraising program at Make-A-Wish. Fundraising activities can range from collecting donations in lieu of birthday gifts or other special life events, participating in a race or creating an honor or memorial tribute for a loved one. Make-A-Wish provides support such as a customized webpage, sample messages and tools to promote your fundraiser, as well as inspiring stories of wish kids and their families.

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