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Wish Your Way Spotlight: Students Can Raise Millions for Wish Kids

One shining example of success with the Kids For Wish Kids program is Make-A-Wish Colorado.
Through the Wish Your Way program, people just like you have raised more than $16 million for Make-A-Wish® since 2017 through fundraisers that match their passions. We’re excited to highlight success stories of the students, families, corporations and others who independently and collectively support our mission – and they demonstrate just how easy it is to make wishes possible for children with critical illnesses. Warning: This article is likely to inspire you to start your own Wish Your Way fundraiser!

Kids For Wish Kids is a nationwide program that invites students of all ages (through grade 12) to creatively raise money for Make-A-Wish and help grant more wishes. From danceathons to bake sales to Wish Week (a full week of fundraising and/or awareness activities) and more, Kids for Wish Kids puts kids in charge. They take the lead to brainstorm fundraising ideas, create action plans and manage events from start to finish. To supplement in-person fundraising activities, many schools and groups create an online fundraising page to collect donations from supporters near and far. Wish Your Way fundraising pages offer a quick way to expand the reach of Kids For Wish Kids fundraisers of all sizes.

One shining example of success with the Kids For Wish Kids program is Make-A-Wish Colorado. More than 150 Colorado schools that participate in the Kids for Wish Kids program collectively raised nearly $1.1 million in the 2017-2018 school year – a chapter and program record! Over a span of three years, Colorado schools have raised more than $2.5 million for Make-A-Wish.

“These results are incredible,” said Dana Gold, who oversees youth fundraising programs for Make-A-Wish America. “Make-A-Wish Colorado has always been a leader with Kids For Wish Kids, and Wish Week® has really become a movement across the state. Students look forward to participating each year and love having the chance to lead unique, meaningful campaigns at their schools to help make wishes come true. Many of these students will even go on to stay involved with Make-A-Wish as they become adults. And it all starts with their experiences and memories made through Kids For Wish Kids!”

Teachers often serve as advisors in the Kids for Wish Kids program, but ownership of the project belongs solely to the students involved. Taking ownership helps students see how their hard work and enthusiasm can transform the lives of children in their community who are battling critical illnesses.

“We started with the Make-A-Wish Foundation six years ago and it has been a tremendous change in the overall vibe and energy in our entire school,” said Lindsey Jaffe, who serves as Student Leadership Advisor at Mountain Vista High School. As the top fundraising school in Colorado, Mountain Vista raised more than $147,000 through their 2017-2018 Wish Week campaign. “Once Wish Week starts, the entire school all of a sudden comes together. We don’t have cliques anymore. It’s about everyone coming together to support this cause, and that’s what’s been so special for our entire community.”

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