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4 Wishes That Made Us Say ‘Wow’ in 2018

These four wishes made us say "wow" in 2019.
A wish brings new life to the passions, talents and hobbies of children who are battling critical illnesses. Every wish is tailored to its wish kid’s true personality and interests — and we are so often taken aback by the level of creativity, humility, joy, and community involvement that these wishes inspire. Here are just a few of those amazing wish moments from 2018.

Sawyer wished to have a chicken coop.

1. Sawyer, 3, leukemia, I wish to have a chicken coop

While 3-year-old Sawyer spent a lot of time in the hospital during his leukemia treatment, he deeply missed his beloved pet chickens back at home: Daisy, Fluffy, Snowflake and Rotisserie. Since Sawyer’s family was unable to build them a proper coop, the birds had to sleep in a 10-by-10 dog kennel at night. Despite everything he was enduring, Sawyer worried that his feathered friends would be raided by a fox. “He just loved those chickens. I think he’s just got a big heart,” said Sawyer’s mom, Shelley. Sawyer imagined someday giving his chickens a special “coop mansion.” When he learned he could wish for whatever his heart desired, he knew right away what his wish would be: to have a coop to keep his chickens safe while he was away. When Sawyer laid eyes on his new chicken coop, he wasn’t thinking about the leukemia treatments that still awaited him. He was too busy cuddling his large birds and getting ready to move them into their new home. “The look on his face as that coop was coming together was something I’ll never forget,” Shelley said. This has been transformative for Sawyer, because now, instead of feeling anxious about visiting the doctor, “he actually takes his doctor a carton of 18 eggs at every visit,” Shelley said. Sawyer’s wish was granted by Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington. WATCH

Celine wished to play the ukulele in Hawaii.

2. Celine, 15, blood disorder, I wish to play a ukulele in Hawaii

“As long as I can remember, I have been in pain,” Celine recalls. She has already experienced a lifetime of hospital stays, harsh medicine and arduous medical procedures. It was during recovery from a bone marrow transplant that Celine found a therapeutic outlet for her pain – the ukulele. She became fascinated with the instrument’s rich history and would often lose herself in her music, forgetting about her pain. Celine’s wish to go to Hawaii came naturally – she wanted to visit the place where the ukulele was created. Her family was welcomed with a surprise ukulele concert, where Celine got on stage and played her own song, “My Journey.” For the first time, Celine was no longer in pain or fearful; she radiated strength and joy. “Now our daughter is glowing in the light of her wish,” said her father, Wil. “This trip opened her eyes to new dreams and endless opportunities.” Celine’s wish was granted by Make-A-Wish Southern FloridaREAD MORE

John wished to be a drummer in a Revolutionary War re-enactment.

3. John, 14, neuromuscular disorder, I wish to be a drummer in a Revolutionary War Re-enactment

John has a passion for history – particularly the Revolutionary War. He shares this passion with Anthony, a member of the Lincoln Minutemen and a Revolutionary War re-enactor. Every Friday for six months, Anthony would give John drumming lessons over FaceTime, to prepare John for his upcoming wish. “I looked forward to Fridays before the wish,” John said. John is 14, and he has never let his neuromuscular disorder bring him down. “I can't walk. So, I have other things I can do," he told a Boston news station during his wish. For John, this means nurturing his love for history and playing the drums. John’s wish was scheduled to be granted on Patriots Day in Concord, Mass., a day typically celebrated with a parade and Revolutionary War re-enactment. But the weather was so bad that the day’s events were cancelled. John wasn’t sure what would happen next – he had already traveled across America, from Anchorage to Boston, to lead the day’s march. But then his mom, Jackie, received a text from a re-enactor that filled her heart: “We’re still marching.” A community of Acton, Lexington and Concord Minutemen came out despite the weather to grant John’s wish. Dressed in colonial attire, John was able to watch the Battle of Lexington from VIP seats. Then, he led the Acton Minutemen for two miles to Concord’s North Bridge, tapping his drum and making commands along the way. It was a day that will go down in history for John and his family. “The re-enactors were the most loving people,” Jackie said. “They felt like family.” In collaboration, John’s wish was granted by Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington and Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Island. READ MORE

Jade wished to have a white fluffy puppy.

4. Jade, 7, genetic disorder, I wish to have a fluffy white puppy

Jade, although timid and shy, has always been responsible for her age. She wished for a little companion, something she could care for. She wanted something that she could walk and feed and that, in turn, would help cheer her up when she comes home from a long doctor’s appointment or a particularly difficult day. She wanted a Coton de Tuléar with spots on its ears and near its tail – one that looked like Skye from Paw Patrol. When Jade met her puppy for the first time, her eyes filled up with happiness and innocence like she couldn’t believe this little four-pound ball of fluff was for her. Little did Jade know that Skye would bring her so much more than friendship. Skye has taught Jade to be more assertive and confident – especially when Skye would try to chew Jade’s sandals. “Jade would always come home from her appointments and want to sleep all day and complain of a tummy ache,” said Jade’s sister, Rubi. “Now, she comes home from appointments and wants to play with Skye or just sit with her and watch cartoons – which is still a step up from sleeping all day! To see that change is immensely heartwarming.” Jade’s wish was granted by Make-A-Wish Michigan. READ MORE

Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, wish granters and volunteers who help make every life-changing wish come true.

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