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‘My Wish Was the Start of Something’

Ezra is a volunteer firefighter today.
For children battling a critical illness, a wish-come-true can be a turning point in their lives. It can give them the emotional and physical strength to keep going – to fight harder against their illness. Ezra is proof that a wish encourages a child to focus on the possibilities of tomorrow and not on the challenges of today.

At just 6 years old, Ezra was battling a genetic disorder that left him feeling weak and required various treatments. It was a dark time that threatened Ezra’s determination and strength, but thanks to his wish being granted in 2004, he was transformed in a way that changed his life forever.

Ezra has always been motivated to help others in his community. He would get his neighborhood friends together and pretend to be firefighters, rescuing people from imaginary emergencies.

So when Make-A-Wish® Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia granted his wish to be firefighter it was a turning point in his life.

Ezra when his wish was granted

The experiences Ezra gained from his wish being granted also helped him get through his illness and confirmed his passion to serve others. By age 14, Ezra became a junior volunteer firefighter in his community. Such hard work gave him a boost in confidence and even helped him perform better in school. He also met some of his best friends through the fire department.

Today, at age 22, Ezra continues to serve as a volunteer firefighter.

“If I hadn’t had my wish experience as a kid, I might not have had the inspiration to join the fire department in the first place and be where I am today,” Ezra said. “Looking back, it was the start of something that gave me courage to pursue what I really love and be confident in who I am.”

This April, join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter each #WishWednesday as we celebrate the hundreds of thousands of life-changing wishes that have been granted and the thousands still to come. Because for children battling a critical illness, a wish is not just a dream. A wish can be a turning point that allows children with critical illnesses to focus on the possibilities of tomorrow and not the challenges of today. Let’s show the world what wish kids and families already know: Where there’s a wish, there’s a way. Learn more at

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