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Apr 21, 2017

Animal Wishes Bring Joy to Wish Kids

Caden, safari, Make-A-Wish Central New York
Six-year-old Alexis knows the happiness that animals can bring when life goes wrong. In her treatments for Wilms tumor, her family’s dog, Paco, always stayed by her side to comfort her. However, when Paco developed cancer, he had to be put down, and Alexis found herself wanting another furry friend in her life.

Alexis, dog, Make-A-Wish GeorgiaThis is what inspired her wish for Izzy, a cute boxer. Alexis’ mom said that she reacted with, “Just pure happiness. It’s something she talked about, but when it happened she was shocked and did not know what to do.”

With Izzy’s love and support, Alexis has undergone surgery to remove her tumor and kidney. Now, she is back at school with all her friends and a brand new pet she can call her own.

Caden, safari, Make-A-Wish Central New YorkSeven-year-old Caden has no interest in pets; he much prefers learning about wildlife. In particular, he is mesmerized by “how fast a cheetah really runs” and wanted to see one of them for himself. To make that happen, he and his family took a trip to Africa and went on not one, not two, but three safaris!

Caden and his parents got to ride a horse and an elephant on his trip and saw many wild animals roaming the savannah. As an unexpected bonus, he was allowed to see two hawks and a vulture up close. Most importantly, though, Caden got to pet a cheetah! The moment it licked his hand, he knew he had made a great wish.

Caden’s parents are thankful for the happiness the wish brought Caden as he undergoes treatment for a brain tumor. His mom says, “Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover how grateful we are for what you’ve given us!”

Maggie, wild horses, Make-A-Wish WisconsinMaggie shares Caden’s love for animals in the wild. Now 16, she has lived with tumors since she was just 23 months old. It has been a tough road, and along the way, nerve damage has caused her to lose 90 percent of her eyesight. That is why Maggie wanted to savor some of life’s most visually stunning moments for her wish.

Out of all the sights in the world, Maggie chose to see the wild horses of North Carolina. She had read of their grace and power in books, but she knew nothing would beat seeing them in person. Maggie took the trip with her mother and little sisters, where they got to ride horseback along the beach as the sun set on the horizon – a truly stunning image.

Maggie expresses how the wish made her feel rejuvenated.  “For a whole week, I forgot about chemo and my tumor,” she said. Her mother, Carolyn, was equally as appreciative. “The kindness of others was humbling and brought tears to our eyes,” she said. “And if Maggie ever loses her remaining vision, I know she’ll have these special memories to hold with her forever.”

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