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How Your Help Creates Hope

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Hope. In my life, hope was classified as a stereotypical “four letter word”. Being a child surrounded by a broken and toxic family environment, you don’t even understand that there is hope until someone in your life offers you a glimpse of it. That person for me happened to be a family member, but sometimes it’s a complete stranger.

Even as adults, we go through trials, we get hard news and sometimes we need to be reminded that there is hope. We can’t cure cancer and maybe we can’t give the whole world food and clean water, but everyone has the opportunity to change someone's life and to show them hope when they need it most.

Working at Make-A-Wish has always been a dream of mine because it's one of the few charities where you don’t always see a tangible impact, but there’s an emotional impact. That to me is something far more powerful because it is something you will have forever.

The Make-A-Wish mission goes far beyond granting a wish to me. It's an opportunity to show children, families, communities that the trial, the hard times and their current reality won’t always be where they are. It’s a chance to remember what happiness and laughter feel like. It might be the first time in years that they have created a positive memory.

Hope. That is something anyone can provide on a daily basis. People who volunteer and are in the trenches, people who fund, people who show up to be involved in one experience, people who attend events …all of those people are hope givers. I challenge you to find ways to give hope today. Whether its through Make-A-Wish or just getting to know someone you wouldn’t normally.

Want to find out more about the positive emotional impact our supporters bring to wish kids? Emersyn's story can show how you change lives.

(Photos by Tiffany Chappelle Photography)

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