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This week we’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring recent news about wish granting and volunteers. When communities come together to enable a wish granting experience, they create memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

The Height of Fashion

From Los Angeles comes the story of 11-year-old Noa, who designed, sewed and showcased a fashion collection of 10 outfits at a recent runway show brought to life by her wish. After dealing with the effects of cancer and chemotherapy, Noa decided she wanted to create a fashion line and have it celebrated on a runway. Multiple celebrities attended the debut designer’s event. Noa's wish highlights her desire to create something out of the negative side effects of cancer by bringing her artistic vision to life.

A Video Game Golf Cart

After his diagnosis of brain cancer at only 11 years old, Danny wished to have a custom golf cart based on the popular video game, “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” It's no ordinary golf cart. Triad Gold Carts pulled out all the stops by adding 14-inch transformer wheels, surround-sound stereo, LED underbody lighting and more. Now 14, Danny can easily visit friends from his neighborhood in style. 

From Childhood Dream to Reality

One wish kid’s desire to be a zookeeper for a day will come true thanks to the generous support of his community. Amidst the elephants, giraffes, monkeys and other animals, 6-year-old Damien will dress in the uniform of a zookeeper and help the Micke Grove Zoo in California clean exhibits and feed the animals. Damien will get to see all of his favorite animals up close and care for them like a true zookeeper.

The Ultimate Playhouse

A wheelchair accessible playhouse was made possible for 9-year-old wish kid, Sundae. Living with congenital myopathy, a degenerative disorder, Sundae will now have a place all her own to play, read and imagine. Make-A-Wish volunteers sought out a company that could develop an accessible playhouse and came together to assemble the parts. Sundae’s playhouse was given personal touches, like her name framed on the wall, to add a special flair to the already impressive space.

Wishes are always making headlines for their inspiring messages. Sometimes, a certain type of wish becomes popular with children, such as having a playhouse of their own. The impact of a wish can be seen in the initial exciting moment, but also years later when a wish kid takes time to reflect. In the end, wishes in all their various forms are points of joy in the lives of children and their families. 

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