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Mar 27, 2015

Rock Canyon High School Sets Wish Week Record

For six years now, Rock Canyon High School has been part of the Make-A-Wish Kids For Wish Kids® program, breaking fundraising records year after year. The students at Rock Canyon take their fundraising “Wish Week” very seriously, planning well in advance for the week of activities and anxiously awaiting to meet Jeremy, their wish ambassador from Make-A-Wish Colorado.

rock canyone high school kids for wish kids coloradoThis year, Rock Canyon raised more than $65,700 for Make-A-Wish Colorado on 7-year-old Jeremy's behalf. Jeremy, who has leukemia, wished to go on a cruise; his wish will come true later this year. Not only did the students and staff at Rock Canyon theme their Wish Week around Jeremy’s wish, but welcomed Jeremy, his parents and his older sister into the Jaguar family.

When asked about their record-breaking donations to Make-A-Wish, or even about fundraising rivalries with other high schools, the students respond oh-so-coolly that it isn’t about the amount of money raised, but rather about the impact their school can have on the life of a wish family. Wish Week has become a tradition at Rock Canyon and is something that the students, staff and community look forward to every year. No matter the amount, the Jaguars look forward to the events and memories that come out of every Wish Week. Speaking of amounts though, Rock Canyon has donated $300,000 to Make-A-Wish Colorado in its six years of fundraising!

Rock Canyon High School is proof that students and young adults can make a difference in their community. Through hard work, determination and creativity, Rock Canyon has left a permanent imprint in the Make-A-Wish Kids For Wish Kids program and continues to inspire others to get involved and help grant wishes.

Want to get your school involved? Find out more about the Kids For Wish Kids program today!


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We were part of the Rock Canyon family until 2012 when a transfer took us out of state. In January 2013, my son told me the thing he missed most was Wish Week at RCHS.

The Jaguars of RCHS are an incredible community of students, parents, teachers, and administrators, and their fine example cannot be praised enough.

March 31, 2015 - 9:39 PM

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