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Jun 30, 2015

5 Great Wish Kid Smiles

Noella wished for a puppy <em>Photo credit: PICS Photography, Susan McGowan</em>
There’s just something about a child’s smile. And there is no greater reward for any employee or wish granter at Make-A-Wish than to see the smiling face of a wish child who has experienced the hope, strength and joy that a wish can bring them. Read more ...

Wish kid Hanna

Today's post was one of the first Wish Nation posts. We decided to share it again because the featured photos are incredible glimpses into wishes as they happened ... and reminders of how wishes can transport wish kids from the challenges they face. 

Looking at the many wish kid photos on can brighten my day instantly. There are so many great images, but these are five of my favorite photos of smiling wish kids.

Hannah’s wish is one of my favorites because it is so unique and personal to her. She wished to perform with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, because music has touched her in a way that nothing else has. In this photo, you see her wish coming true: She is practicing with actual members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Her smile is infectious and powerful. You can see her warmth, her life and her energy, all brought to her through her wish.

Hugo wished to go on a safari adventureHugo is an adventurer. During treatment, he fought through treatment bravely, always rallied by the promise of a Make-A-Wish experience… a wildlife-watching safari in Africa.  In Hugo’s smile you can see the true power of a wish experience. His entire trip was a celebration of family, life and wishes made real. He is beaming, bright, full of life. And you can see it all in his smile.

Cole wished to go to Cowboy Camp <em>Photo credit: Jeff Shewmon</em>

If you’re anything like me, then I doubt you can keep a smile from creeping onto your face when you see this photo of wish kid Cole enjoying his cowboy experience on the ranch. His smile is infectious; it warms my heart to see him realizing that his one true wish is coming true. During his wish, Cole spent five days riding the trails, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the carefree life. You can tell that he has taken these memories home with him and with cherish them forever.

Noella wished for a puppy <em>Photo credit: PICS Photography, Susan McGowan</em>“I wanted someone to laugh and play with,” says Noella about her choice of wish. Now Noella has a labradoodle puppy she named Hippo. It’s been two years since Noella’s wish came true, and you can see in her smile what her new friend means to her. Hippo is her best friend and even helped Noella feel better when she going through treatment. When I look at this picture, I see more than just a smile. I see joy shining from a little girl who has gone through so much. I see hope in her spirit that life will get better. Finally, I see the strength that sometimes only a wish can provide. 

Jazzmen's Sweet 16Jazzmen is radiant. One look at this photo and I’m reminded why we do what we do here at Make-A-Wish. The night of her royal Sweet-16 party, Jazzmen danced nonstop, laughed and smiled constantly because her wish was coming true. I see in Jazzmen’s smile pure strength. Jazzmen has gone through chemotherapy and treatment, but always thought of her upcoming wish whenever times were tough. That is beautiful to me, and her smile makes everything we do worth it.

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Arin Lopez, Volunteer Mgr., Make-A-Wish Arizona

Great post! You're totally right, there is nothing greater than seeing the smile of a child who battles everyday. Thanks for highlighting these awesome wish kiddos and thank you to the volunteer wish granters and Make-A-Wish staff who make dreams come true!

September 06, 2013 - 11:21 AM

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