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Wish Wednesday: Celebrating World Wish Day

World Wish day
World Wish Day®, which falls on April 29 of every year is a global celebration of past, present and future wishes and those who have dedicated themselves to one day being able to grant the wish of every child who qualifies. Here are several ways that people around the world have used social media to celebrate today or have been involved in the past.

April 29 is a special day. It is the anniversary of the wish that started it all – Chris Greicius' wish to be a police officer. The extraordinary wish, which served as inspiration for Make-A-Wish. That was 35 year ago. Today, a wish is granted every 22 minutes worldwide.

Today at the Make-A-Wish National Office in Phoenix, the entire staff gathered together to celebrate with lunch and cake while we video chatted with Make-A-Wish locations around the world to hear how they celebrated. Examples include Make-A-Wish Israel, who took a hot air balloon ride, and Make-A-Wish Chile, who granted four wishes today. 

People have also been sharing their special World Wish Day posts using the hashtag #WorldWishDay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here are some highlights: 

Around the world, Make-A-Wish offices shared their gratitude for everyone who has made granting wishes possible:

Members of Chi Omega, whose philanthropy efforts are dedicated toward Make-A-Wish, also celebrated: Some wish kids even contributed to the social media spree:

Share your #WorldWishDay story on your favorite social media site or head over to to view thank you videos from around the world.

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