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Get Onboard the Give Wishes Wings Campaign

Delta Air Lines
When it comes to airplanes, I have the enthusiasm of a 7-year-old. I look forward to every flight I take – the longer, the better. I love the idea that I can wake up in Phoenix, sleep over the Pacific Ocean and wake up just before landing in Australia. And the aircraft themselves … to me, they’re graceful and elegant visions of industrial art. This is a huge part of what has me so excited about our Give Wishes Wings campaign.

There’s another reason for my enthusiasm, though. This month-long campaign is all about helping with one of the most-expensive parts of granting wishes: travel.

Jordan flies to Australia with his familyToday, nearly 140 wish kids and their families will board a plane for a Make-A-Wish experience. That’s enough to fill a 737. And that’s our average number, every single day because nearly three-quarters of the wishes we grant involve travel.

Every frequent flier miles that our supporters donate is vital. All month long, we’re asking people to donate miles – and to challenge their friends to donate miles. All it takes to get involved is a way to make a video, a bit of creativity and a bit of childlike enthusiasm (I may have some spare childlike enthusiasm to loan out).

If this sounds like something you’d be onboard with, take a look at our Give Wishes Wings website for the details. See videos other people have made. Find out how many miles we’ve raised. And find out what frequent flier programs work with Make-A-Wish.

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