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Wish Wednesday- Addison Meets Real Unicorn

Addison rides unicorn
Do you remember some of your wonderful childhood fantasies? Now, imagine all of it could come to life.

Addison, a 6-year-old girl from Georgia battling lymphoid leukemia, believed the rain forests in Hawaii were full of enchantment. That belief led her to ask Make-A-Wish to grant a wish full of fantasy.

The adventure centered on Princess Addison’s journey through the fairytale town of “Arboretia” to free the queen, who had been kidnapped for taking too much from the land.

Not knowing what was around every corner of her quest, Princess Addison was filled with many lovely surprises and tasks. To complete her quest, Princess Addison had to search for the prettiest flower and the prettiest fruit and sing, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Addison's look of surprise. But, when a large beast with the feet of an elephant and a single spiral horn silently appeared in the middle of the forest – Addison was in awe. Yes, in this story, unicorns were absolutely real ... and Addison got to meet one.

I loved the creativity of this particular wish. Can you imagine how much thought and community involvement went into making a wish like this – which almost seems impossible – come true?

But what if I told you that Addison’s wish came to life with the help of local volunteer actors, and our enchanting unicorn was played by a horse named Sonny – who spent months in training to perform the special “bow” just for Addison, while wearing a glittery pink horn on its head? 

Princess Addison gleamed with excitement as she and the mystical creature floated away through the rain forest.

And, like every fairytale ending, Addison said it was her very own “happily ever after.”  

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This is amazing. Thank you for making dreams come true. AWESOME

October 09, 2014 - 6:35 PM

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