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On the Movie Set With Wish Kid Clark

Clark Make-A-Wish UK Life Photography
Today, Wish Nation is excited to introduce you to Clark, a 7-year-old wish kid from the UK. Chrissie Hinde, marketing officer at Make-A-Wish UK, will share her first-hand view of Clark's imaginative wish to be the star in his own movie ... this blog post is also our first-ever from our friends in the UK. Make-A-Wish UK is one of 38 Make-A-Wish International affiliates serving children in nearly 50 countries around the world.

Life Photography Clark Make-A-Wish UKWe recently granted a truly memorable wish for Clark, who wanted to star in his own movie. Clark is a very creative child and was bursting with ideas – so before filming started, we arranged for a production company to visit Clark to hear his thoughts for the film. They then went away and wrote a script based on Clark’s incredible imagination. We got costumes, extras, crew, the studio, a make-up artist and – most importantly – his favourite lunch lined up for his big acting debut!

On the day of his wish, Clark and his family were taken by limousine to the studio. They were met by the producer and director who talked them through the day, before Clark and his dad were off to have their hair and make-up done. After putting his costume on, Clark’s transformation into his character – Tiger – was complete! Now Tiger and his dad were ready to save the world from the evil Skull Master.

The plot of Clark’s film included lots of inventive characters straight from his imagination, including "The Hand Tongue Frog", which was made especially for the film by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and was given to Clark as a gift after filming. Once the filming was finished our production team started on editing the film together. They even surprised Clark by getting a cameo appearance from famous UK newsreader Krishnan Guru Murphy. And to make Clark’s film even more special, Star Wars actor Warwick Davis, one of our ambassadors, did the voiceover for the entire film!

His wish didn’t finish once the filming was over. We got Clark’s family and friends together and arranged for Clark to take to the red carpet for his very own premiere of "Dimension Zero"! Escorted by his very own security crew, Clark was dropped off by limousine and signed autographs for his dedicated fans before watching his film with family and friends.

Clark’s mum, Katie, spoke to us after this wish. “When Clark was first diagnosed, it was devastating, and it is difficult knowing that his condition will get progressively worse. However, the wish couldn’t have been better for Clark – and he had the most amazing experience.

"The wish has really boosted Clark's confidence. He often feels that his peers are ahead of him, but the wish was something he was really good at, and he feels like he achieved something special - it's fantastic."

Clark Make-A-Wish UK Life PhotographyDawn, the wish granter that arranged Clark’s wish, was honoured to have made this magical experience possible. “Clark is such a lovely chap,” says Dawn. “When I first spoke to his mum, it was clear that Clark with brimming with ideas for his film – he wanted monsters, action and most importantly, he wanted to write the story and star in it himself. He wanted mum and dad to be in the film, and whilst mum declined, she said dad would be more than happy! I got the feeling that people are in awe of Clark’s energy and sense of fun – I certainly was, and it was a pleasure to help make his wish come true.”

You can also watch behind-the-scenes footage on the Make-A-Wish UK YouTube channel

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