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Wish Experience Makes the World Huge Again

Sometimes, sitting in my bed for hours on end, I felt quite diminutive and trapped; hidden away from the world like a prisoner in a jail cell. There were days where it took all my energy to get out of bed, not out of a lack of physical energy, but that of a mental one. The only access to fresh air or sun was on the roof of the hospital during my stays in treatment.

When I was allowed home, I immediately followed the same system to my room, with an air vent and allergenic sheets for safety that enclosed around me, while having minimal contact with the outside world, let alone my own home. Having been surrounded by cold, pastel walls, I felt isolated and insignificant at times.

Melissa I wish to go to FranceAfter my week–long trip to France

I had a whole new meaning to the feeling of isolation I’d experienced. I realized in a way, the world is small. But that it becomes largely impacted by our own influence in striking displays unlike any other.

France is a small country. It is roughly the size of Texas. But despite this size, or the narrow European streets, I felt the world open up to new possibilities when Make-A-Wish entered my life. I was no longer stuck in four walls. I was free to explore and discover. More importantly, I discovered that the world is your playground if you take the opportunities that come your way.

To this day 

These principles have carried on, being over a year in remission I have made it my goal to continue to explore and discover. Being able to say I am part of the Make-A-Wish family has opened my eyes to the reality of how our world is impacted by every action an individual makes.

Melissa I wish to go to FranceWhile in France, I realized we as people follow routines, schedules, all alike no matter what our origin or ethnicity. We sometimes focus so much on this routine we become trapped in the four walls we build ourselves. I have realized that life can be so much more than the walls we allow to surround us: Life can be the walls we choose to tear down.

Tearing down these walls 

I viewed sights such as the Mediterranean Sea and the shadow of the Eiffel Tower at sunset and side streets with French children laughing along it, creating memories and realizing that my life has an impact on the world, just as the world has an impact on me. Make-A-Wish strives to discover and give this opportunity to every child. I am proud to say I have been able to be one of these children and will be eternally grateful as a result. The world may seem small, but every life has a huge impact.

Tear every wall down!

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