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Random Wish Kid Photo: Ajianaye and the Coconut

Sometimes, telling a kid that her wish will come true is half the fun. I think Ajianaye’s wish granters knew this when they presented her with a huge coconut as their way of saying “your wish to go to learn to hula dance in Hawaii will come true.”

So, how did 5-year-old Ajianaye react to getting a coconut as a bon voyage present? Here’s what her mother said:

“She slept with it in her bed through the morning she left. She could barely contain her excitement!”

Wish Kid Ajianaye and the CoconutI think this is a great reflection on Ajianaye's wish granters. They used their creativity to figure out what they could do for Ajianaye to get her excited about her wish. Somehow, they learned that a coconut was the perfect gift to ramp up the fun before she even boarded her flight. 

I often talk - and write - about how creative kids can be with their wishes. But I could say the same for wish granters. They make genuine connections that become the cornerstones of creating experiences tailored to each individual wish kid's interests. 

If you're a wish kid, I'd like to hear what your wish granters did to make your wish feel special to you. 

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