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Wish Wednesday - Wish Kids Save the Day

Striker Boy saves the day
Recently, Make-A-Wish kids have been rescuing mascots, putting out fires and protecting their cities, all while making smiles and headlines.

Jaylen from Florida woke up on June 6, which happened to be his ninth birthday, to hear that his city had been taken over by Sneaky Pete, an alligator villain. It was time for Jaylen to become Striker Boy. Accompanied by his brother and superhero sidekick, Falcon Boy, he set out in his Strikermobile, a stylish Lamborghini. The pair disabled an explosive device at a Nova Southeastern University soccer game, rescued a kidnapped dog and extinguished flames at a burning building before finally putting Sneaky Pete behind bars. The hero, who is also fighting leukemia, received a trophy for his bravery and celebrated the victory with a birthday party. Another year older, another enemy defeated – all in a day’s work for Striker Boy. To view more photos of Jaylen’s heroic day, visit the Southern Florida chapter’s Facebook page.

Officer Jalisha saves the dayMeanwhile in St. Louis, 14-year-old Jalisha has dreams of becoming a police officer and got to flex her law enforcement muscles when she recovered three hostages – St. Louis sports mascots Rampage, Louie and Fredbird. Jalisha, who is battling end stage renal disease, flew by helicopter to the St. Louis Police Academy, where she received a uniform, official police badge and special training. It wasn’t long before Jalisha got a call from the mayor’s office – all three of the city’s mascots had gone missing and they needed her help to solve the case. Her investigation led her around town, where she finally cuffed the culprit and enjoyed a celebration with the chief of police and county executive.   

Jalisha isn’t alone in defending local mascots against the bad guys though. In May, 6-year-old Isai, a.k.a. Muchacho de Hierro, from Kansas City rescued the Kansas City Royal’s mascot, Sluggerrr, from super villain Cucaracha. He donned his superhero identity and a red-and-gold super suit to fight the cockroach criminal. The battle that followed spanned eight hours and two states, taking Isai to Legoland, a zipline park and Kaufmann Stadium. When Isai isn’t battling bug-themed villains, he’s winning in his fight against leukemia and is currently in remission.

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