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Find That Moment

A few weeks ago, I was having lunch with my friend Kate from Make-A-Wish Arizona. Kate’s job at the Arizona chapter is to help implement national campaigns and create relationships with local companies that can support our mission.

Whether local or national, we’ve both seen how connecting sponsors with wishes can make all the difference in securing the resources we need.

Once someone has experienced the joy of a wish kid playing in donated luggage or seen wish kids light up when their name is featured on a marquee at their favorite store, they feel the impact of the Make-A-Wish mission in a way that simply can’t be described.

And that’s when they get hooked.

Following our lunch that day, I went back to my cube and posted a sign on the wall that says “Find That Moment.”

I believe in the impact of a wish because I’ve seen it first-hand. And I know that when others get excited about supporting a wish, the outcome becomes so much greater than the sum of the parts. And that the kindness of strangers is what truly sets a wish apart from any other experience.

It’s an impact that our sponsors and wish families feel long after a wish has taken place.

Last month, GameStop hosted its first-ever register donation campaign to benefit Make-A-Wish. GameStop is one of those retailers that consistently goes to incredible lengths to take care of wish kids – from finding out-of-stock gaming systems to providing VIP service.

In fact, 4-5 wishes every week involve shopping at a GameStop store, and it was awesome to see that organic wish connection lead to an in-store customer donation campaign. But nothing could prepare me for the email I received last week, and some of the additional community connections that would surface.

A GameStop store manager wrote in with the story of one of his regular customers who comes in to trade out games when he needs help paying a bill. When he saw the Make-A-Wish signs, he shared that 22 years ago – when he was 8 years old – he had a shopping spree wish.

The entire trade came to $60, and before the GameStop employee could ask him if he wanted to donate he said, "I only need $50 for my bill, so give me $50 and put the rest on Make-A-Wish because they helped me when I was a kid."

This example of generosity speaks to the lasting impact of a wish, and the profound power that a single moment in time can have. And if Make-A-Wish is going to achieve our vision of granting every eligible child’s wish, we need more moments like these.

Find that moment. 

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