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Wish Wednesday - Getaway Wishes to Find Freedom

Greyson wished to look for seashells.
There’s nothing fun about being in a hospital room. Unfortunately, because of their medical conditions, our wish kids know everything about being confined to the hospital. Between these walls and halls, they take a deep breath and imagine the perfect escape.

Camryn pictured stepping her two small feet into the water. She had seen a National Geographic show that featured the Grand Cayman Islands and envisioned herself visiting the scene on the screne. All she wanted was a chance to enjoy life, like any other person. Make-A-Wish gave her the chance to swim with sting rays, visit a turtle farm, go on a sunset sail, and have a special beach party for her birthday. We can only imagine the wonderful memories Camryn treasures in her mind. But one thing is for certain, she is still giggly and excited whenever she talks about her experience. Camryn visits a turtle farm in the Grand Cayman Islands.

Lying in the wet sand as his toes sunk below, Grayson was amazed at the shell-covered beach. Nothing compared to going to an island he had only dreamed of visiting, and looking for seashells. No matter how many times he’d seen pictures of Sanibel Island, Fla., it was a million times better actually being there. “It was just about the proudest that I’ve ever seen a 4-year-old boy,” Grayson’s mom said. After he was born, Grayson was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.  He has already had three heart surgeries and three balloon angioplasties procedures to keep his heart working. Without a doubt, Grayson and his family had a tough road ahead, but things started to look up when he was finally healthy enough to travel and discover that a beautiful place was only a wish away.

These wish adventures are a stepping stone for wish kids and their families, especially for those who rarely step out of their local hospital. These exciting moments not only renew the lives of wish kids and their families, but they expand their world.

Sara wished to go to London That’s why Make-A-Wish has arranged two more trips for that could also change the lives of two other wish kids. After spending the past eight years around a strict lifestyle, Sara is ready to explore the unseen.  She is hoping that her wish to London will be everything she has ever imagined. For her wish, she wants to see every bit of London. When you ask Sara about her struggle with a life-threatening medical condition, she will admit how upsetting it has been to spend most of her days alone in the school library because she can’t do the same things kids her age do. So, Sara is absolutely ecstatic for this new adventure. But, it’ll be all up to her to make the most out of her eight-day getaway!

On Friday, wish kid Sohun was off for his wonderful wish experience. Wish granters gave him a tour book, a koala hat and jungle-themed cupcakes. Can you guess where he wished to go? On his wish trip he’ll get to visit Australia! Wish granters have organized everything to give his family a memorable trip for a lifetime and a tour of some of Australia’s most impressive sites. I hope this wish trip will offer him a chance to see beyond the challenge of his illness. Have a great time on your wish, mate ... you deserve it! Sohum and his family.

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