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J'Len catches the bad guy

JLen catches bad guys

“ ... the Virgin Islands gets into this type of life celebration. ”

- police officer

The chase is over. Terrible Tom’s reign as the most-notorious thief in the Virgin Islands ends: J’Len closes handcuffs around his wrists and books him at the V.I.P.D. jail.

It’s J’Len’s first arrest ever … a milestone in following his father’s path as a police officer. He questions Terrible Tom and determines that he won’t be a repeat offender. He releases the rehabilitated thief with stern but heartfelt advice: “Don’t do this again … be a good Virgin Islander.”

Later that afternoon, J’Len’s deed earns him an audience with the governor – and a medal for his work. It’s the perfect end to a successful first day on the beat.

Today is a display of community spirit from the Virgin Islands. Friends and neighbors were behind J’Len as he worked to overcome leukemia. Again, they are there for J’len to help him live his one perfect day. New friends like the V.I.P.D., local businesses and even professional videographers donate their time to make the wish beyond anything that J’Len expected.

The wish also shows J’Len’s admiration for his father Melvin, a sergeant who has served the V.I.P.D. for more than 30 years. And today, Melvin couldn’t be more proud to have a son the entire community loves and admires.  


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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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