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Cindy Honors Doctors With Her Wish

Cindy wished to be an ear, nose and throat doctor Sara Ackermann Photography

“ Cindy gives doctors hope for future medical professionals. ”

Dr. Rhonda Hamaker knows her work healing patients is important, but she never imagined a kid who could make the wish of a lifetime would choose to spend a day by her side.

But not every kid has faced challenges like Cindy, who was born premature and then diagnosed with a medical condition that would alter her entire life. The care she received from medical professionals like Dr. Hamaker saved her life.

And left a lasting impression on Cindy.

A Wish to be a Doctor

For part of her life, Cindy was not able to breathe or eat on her own. She had a tracheotomy that allowed her to breathe. So when Make-A-Wish offered Cindy the chance to name her one true wish, she had a vision of her experience that surprised everyone.

She wished to be an ear, nose and throat doctor. Dr. Hamaker couldn’t believe it when Make-A-Wish told her about Cindy’s wish. Why would a child choose a day at the hospital instead of a theme-park visit or a vacation?

“She could do things that, at that age, are a lot more amazing,” Dr. Hamaker said.

But the grand visions of most wish kids? That’s just not what was in Cindy’s heart.

A Day to Help Others

During her day as an ear, nose and throat doctor, Cindy shadowed the staff while wearing an orange lab coat. She saw patients and wrote prescriptions. And she also boosted the spirits of the staff members; some of them remembered seeing her as a patient and were delighted to see her acting like a normal, healthy child.

And Cindy herself seemed in her element. She was already familiar with many of the rooms and medical apparatus. Her wish may be a glimpse into her future.

“It makes me think there’s hope that there’s going to be altruistic doctors in the future who really want to take care of people and take care of kids,” Dr. Hamaker said.

Photos: Sara Ackermann Photography


  • The doctor is ready for you.

  • Cindy confers with her mentor.

  • It's time for some hands-on training.

  • One of Cindy's first patients

  • Let's see some tonsils.

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May Cindy's hope to become a doctor come true but for now may all those she crosses paths with embrace her kindness and her enthusiasm to enjoy today and already make a difference. May all those that are helping Cindy and so many others continue to grow in numbers.God bless

February 04, 2015 - 10:12 AM

Mayra C.

An amazing story and courage and hope. Lovely let the creater keep giving her life and hope so she can also save life and give hope to more children in the feature.

February 05, 2015 - 10:13 AM

Elisa E.

That just touches my heart... what a blessing of a child. That girl is on this earth for a very important reason... Who knows maybe someday she will be the Dr to help in the removal of my sons trach!

June 17, 2015 - 7:15 AM

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