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Watertree Health® President Shares Why He Believes in the Power of a Wish

Shane Power, president of Watertree Health, participates in a wish.
Watertree Health and its customers have provided amazing support of Make-A-Wish® for four years, helping us grant more than 350 wishes. Shane Power, president of Watertree Health, has been integral to this partnership. From being a part of two wishes in the past year to offering a special promotion in which Watertree Health will triple its typical donation to Make-A-Wish, Shane emulates what it means to believe in the power of a wish.

We asked Shane more about why he is such a dedicated supporter of Make-A-Wish, both professionally and personally. Here’s what he had to say.

Q. What has your company’s partnership with Make-A-Wish meant to you?

A. One of the most meaningful aspects has been its ability to rally our organization around the mission to change the lives of wish kids and their families through the power of a wish. Helping others is a part of the Watertree Health DNA, and when it comes to improving the health and well-being of individuals and their communities, our intentions are very much aligned. Being able to read a wish story and know that it was funded by the dedication and passion of our Service Reps is an irreplaceable feeling.

From a business perspective, Make-A-Wish has been nothing but supportive of our cause marketing and business-building ideas. It’s been amazing watching Watertree Health grow into a “Wish Champion”-level donor, all because of our hardworking Reps and the support of Make-A-Wish.

Q. How does it feel to lead an organization that helps grant wishes for children with critical illnesses?

A. I have only the most heartfelt empathy and sincere compassion for families who are forced to deal with the tragic realities of having a child with a critical illness. Knowing that Make-A-Wish can help relieve some of that pain and heartache, allowing a family to temporarily leave their worries behind, is an intangible gift that Make-A-Wish has perfected and replicated time and time again. They continue to always place the child and their wish above all as the driving force of the organization. Our Reps come from all corners of the country, and they can all agree that granting wishes for children who have had a part of their childhood robbed is something we can all get behind.

Q. How do you keep Watertree Health employees engaged with the Make-A-Wish mission?

A. The best way is by sharing stories about the wishes granted by our free Prescription Discount Card program. The donations go back to the local chapter in which they were raised, so the Reps are able to see evidence of their efforts though the wishes granted in their local communities.

I once heard that a wish touches about 150 people in a wish child’s community—the contagious joy it spreads continues to ripple, and the wish stories are a great reminder of that.

Q. What is the Watertree Health Make-A-Wish card? How does it work?

A. The Watertree Health Make-A-Wish card is a free Prescription Discount Card benefitting Make-A-Wish that helps people save money on their prescriptions and grant wishes. Every time someone saves money using the card, Watertree Health donates 50 cents. To date, Watertree Health has donated more than $3.5 million.

Watertree Health's free prescription discount card

It’s easy to use – just present your pre-activated Prescription Discount Card to your pharmacist each time you fill a prescription. No prescriptions are excluded from savings, up to 75 percent. Get a card by clicking here or text RXFORWISHES to 95577. Tip: you always want to compare the pricing of your Prescription Discount Card to your insurance card because the discounted price can sometimes be lower than your co-pay, or it can give a discount on medications not covered by your insurance.

Q. What promotion is Watertree Health offering until early July?

A. From June 11 to July 8, Watertree Health will donate an extra $1 on the first discounted script using your free Prescription Discount Card benefitting Make-A-Wish (for a $1.50 total donation). For every subsequent prescription filled using your card – even beyond July 8 – Watertree Health will donate 50 cents. The card is pre-activated, never expires, and can be shared with friends and family. Get your card today!

Q. You were an active participant in two wishes in the past year: Christian’s wish to be a superhero and Wyatt’s wish to be an ice cream man. How did those experiences affect you?

A. Being a part of Christian and Wyatt’s wishes were both incredibly special experiences.

It felt as if Christian’s wish to be a superhero took over Chicago. Christian transformed from a shy, 9-year-old boy into his crime-fighting alter ego, SuperBlack. He fought villain after villain across the city fearlessly alongside his brother and sidekick, Noah, aka SuperRed. I was lucky enough to play Christian’s butler, Alfred (pictured above). The production the volunteers put into place was amazing – there was a police motorcade, a police boat ride, police helicopter, and crowds of spectators (including Watertree Health Reps) cheering him on along the way. A local art school even designed a SuperBlack and SuperRed poster, which we transformed into T-shirts, and a local nonprofit, Costumers with a Cause, designed their outfits. The community went above and beyond for Christian’s special day. Christian’s mother Marian was amazed to see how the wish experience encouraged her son – he became so confident and ready to take on the world. Christian's wish was granted by Make-A-Wish Illinois.

Shane Power, president of Watertree Health, participates in a wish.

Wyatt’s wish in Melbourne, Fla., was equally exciting. We had about 20 Watertree Health Reps from the Central and Northern Florida region participate; some of them had been promoting the program benefitting Make-A-Wish since the pilot program four years ago. (Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida is one of the three chapters that launched our national alliance.) We created an illustration-style logo of Wyatt and his favorite animal, the giraffe, to post on the ice cream truck owned by Jerry. We also surprised Wyatt with matching T-shirts displaying the logo, and a special outfit for him to serve ice cream in. You could tell by the look on Wyatt’s face that he was having so much fun handing out ice cream.

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